Do you have questions about where your life is heading?  Do you find yourself at a crossroads and want to explore your options?  Do you have questions about your love life?  I can give you intuitive guidance for these and many other questions.  Call me!  727-492-0670

Terri is a clairaudient psychic with skills as a tarot reader and a numerologist. She has been a reader for more than twenty five years. Her psychic gifts come to her from her ancestors and were passed down through many generations.

Her clients are based both globally and locally.   She has participated in many charity, church, and social functions. Her greatest influence was her grandmother, a gifted crystal ball reader.

Additionally, Terri’s work in church ministry for over fifteen years has given her a greater understanding of those in need. She is a natural empath with real solutions for your emotional needs. If you provide a photograph, Terri can frequently channel messages from loved ones who have passed.  One of her favorite things is sharing messages from your beloved pets.   Animal causes and pet connections have always been a huge part of her life.

As a gifted numerologist, she utilizes her skills to hand chart numerology calculations that can give you clear and concise answers to your relationship and business problems. Numerology can provide guidance about your path, your choices, and your life.  Terri believes that life should be a wonderful journey and wants to help you.

Let Terri help you unfold a future filled with love, hope, and a brighter promise of things to come. She is both honest and direct and looks forward to talking with you soon.

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